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kaputale | queerograd 016 engl.

03.11.2016 - 06.11.2016

Regular-fit trousers are trendy now*

03.- 05.11.2016, Lagergasse 98 A, 8020 Graz

»»German version

*Buy what the cartels throw;
read what the censors allow;
believe what the church and the party command.
Regular-fit trousers are trendy now.
Freedom not at all. (Kurt Tucholsky, 1932)

In the ninth edition of queerograd we kick off with the question: What has art to do with capitalism? And: what has art to do with neoliberalism?

The formula art = capital which Josef Beuys created 40 years ago, served to illustrate that the greatest capital of man/society is its creativity. This formula is today all the more accurate to look at, cause its appropriation and its creeping reinterpretation on the part of the capitalist market economy and neoliberal ideology now lead to a massive threat of freedom (art).


 »» Thursday, 03.11.16 ««

We recommend to visit the symposion MRWN – Human Rights taken literally
10:00 – 18:00 in Volksgartenpavillon.
The queerograd shuttle bus is ready at 18:00 for trips from the Volksgarten to the queerograd festival in the Volkshaus.

16:00  Cooking with: BJ Nevenko

16:30  Exhibition Tour

18:00  Festival Opening/Exhibition Tour with:

Alexandra Zsolnai



           Eva Wolf

           Evè Prechtl

           Johanna Bonsels

           Georg Dinstl

           Karin Goldgruber       
           Keyvan Paydar

           Lara Podesser


           Maria Schneider

           Mário José Santos Soares

Martin Glawitsch
           Paul Lässer

           Philipp Strohmeier

           Prof. Rainer Mausfeld

           Roter Keil

           Semir Plivac

           Oni Kava


19:30  Performance:

Karl Gruber: Pyrograd – Not every recipe results in a cake

Henry H & Signdance Collective International: Inbetween spaces

Veza Fernández: Veza or patience will bring you roses

22:00  Concert:



           Nightline: Azad John

 »» Friday, 04.11.16 ««

We recommend to visit the symposion MRWN – Human Rights taken literally
10:00 – 18:00 in Volksgartenpavillon.

14:00  FORT – Workshop for Women*: 
Indroduction in radical theraphy and exercices to say NO

16:00  Cooking with: Irina Karamarkovic

16:30  Exhibition Tour

18:00  Talk: Art+Capital

Lidija Krienzer-Radojević: Capitalization of art work by the art world machine

Semir Plivac: Do you need money to make art?

Nayari Castillo: Anticapitalist methodolgy in art

           Moderation: Leni Kastl 

           Dolmetsch: Anna Hadley

20:00  Performance:

Ina Sladić: This is not my piece

21:00  Concert:

Patrizia Ferrara

22:00  Performance:

           Alexandru Cosarca: Trost or just a random opera

22:00  Concert      


           Nightline: Slobodan Milošević

 »» Saturday, 05.11.16 ««

12:00  Workshop with Ulla Sladek: Photos from a can

14:00  Workshop with ETC: The boat is full

16:00  Cooking with: Daimond Rai

16:30  Exhibition Tour

18:00  Talk: Art+Ideology

Judith Goetz: Assault on Art and Culture

Simon Hafner: Art and Ideology or Art and the System of Norms         

           Simon Windisch

           Moderation: Marlies Pratter

           Dolmetsch: Anna Hadley

19:00  Performance:

Wilhelmine Show me the NO

Talent Auction mit Down Dox

           SED Sozialistische Eingreif Druppe

22:00  Concert:

Jooklo Duo & Mette Rasmussen



           Nightline: Monique Fessl