Adamisgod / 236 Fingers Per Minute


Limited edition of 50 handnumbered copies. 2002 (Oct. 31 / Nov. 9);
Part of this edition comes with comics by adamisgod,
another part with stickers.
The cd is enhanced with two videos.

“Tricky to describe industrial noise/music almost seems to be parodying convention. Surely it is. Following an odd and dark intro by a computer voice, instrumental industrial with a slight organic feel (like maybe the notes are generated by synthetic flute) before suddenly givin way to very fast insane static-heavy bursts that sound like grindcore coming through barely on a crummy radio. Then there’s a quick sampling of a jingle???? And vocal samples? And minimalist beats sorta like experimental goa trance (until that muffled old timey melody apears). Then there’s some metal music-like groove crunching, then melody, this is like gabber that’s way
slowed down and tripping … sort of. Well, as you can see (bear in mind this description hasn’t yet ventured past track four, I could go on …), there are a number of very interesting elements afoot here, mingling, changing, shifting, evolving and going back again. Truly a unique industrial noise artist.”
Review by FishComCollective

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